Competition rules

2012 Themes

  1. Black and White                                        Feb
  2. Men at work                                               Mar
  3. Kitchen Utensils (everyday objects)     Apr
  4. Architecture May
  5. Africa                                                           Jun
  6. Old/yesteryear                                          Jul
  7. 4 seasons                                                    Aug
  8. Modes of transport                                   Sep
  9. Macro                                                          Oct
  10. Reflections                                                 Nov

And ongoing Portrait and landscape category to be reviewed in Nov too.?

Judging criteria:

  1. * technical (lighting; depth of field, focus, exposure etc) 5 points
  2. * creativity (subject in relation to the theme) 5 points
  3. * composition (rule of thirds; focal point; cropping) 5 points
  4. * overall “wow” factor (impact notwithstanding the above) 5 points TOTAL of 20 pts max per pic.

Judging guidelines:

– 5 Outstanding/Perfect (I wish I’d taken it myself!)

– 4 Excellent

– 3 Very Good

– 2 Good

– 1  OK


– 5 (max)  pics per person to be placed on website by last day of month

– Pics must be taken in 2012

– Cannot re-enter same pic in more than one category

– Everybody to fill in evaluation of each others pictures – No voting for your own pics


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